We make things easy for you

Dakota Trading INC.

Was born with the need to provide a complete service and an unparalleled experience of ease and security for traders wishing to do business throughout the world.
We have a bilingual staff with extensive experience in exports and solid baselines to provide customers the best service.


1. Buy and selling.

We acquire any goods you need. Clothing, shoes, handbags, machinery, from anywhere in the world accomplishing the regulations.

2. Legal advice for transportation exports to Mexico, Central and South America.

We advise you to get the best of your investment, from the legal requirements, logistics, to packaging and transportation.

3. Storage for local and international transportation.

We safeguard your merchandise until you get everything done and it’s able to send to your destination.

4. Packaging and labeling

We offer services that meet the labeling standards of the country where the goods are being transported.

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